First Week

A few weeks ago we were introduced to our latest project: UX CW2 – ‘A Window to Your World’

As I began my research I conducted a few ideas in my head, the main topic I thought of was music. As this is my biggest passion, I believe I could come up with something fun, interesting and engaging for the children who are less fortunate to be inspired and become a better self.

We looked in to the phrases ‘community engagement’ and ‘widening participation’ and found out what they mean. This helped us to think of how we are going to bridge the gap between the community and the University. We also would like to inspire those in the community to go or have the chance to think about University in the future.

We also recapped on human centre design and looked in to the types of methods we would use. We thought about where we would begin – user requirements and research planning and what we would think of doing next.

A guest speaker came in called Dee Smart, she is the co-ordinator of public and community engagement. She came in to tell us about UWE and how the communities connected outside of the Uni. Dee spoke to us on what already exists at UWE which unites the community and gave us ideas that we could focus on.

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