Lockleaze Visit

I decided to look in to more of the music side of the community, and how it could fit in with my project. I know that music is worldwide, so really there are no boundaries as to what you can do!

We took a visit to a local adventure playground and community centre, called The Vench. This gave us an insight on what the community already has to offer, and how we could implement our ideas in to this. As I was walking around they had a few open spaces, since my ideas are based around music I was thinking of creating an outdoor drum set, chime set or maybe even several different instruments. This way the children can explore different aspects of music.

It was interesting to learn about the history of the park, why it was created and the process of what happened over the years. It is easy to access on foot but more difficult if travelling by car.

Lockleaze was set up after WW2 and was set to be the best social housing in the city. But it became hard to withstand businesses from the growth in Bristol’s city. It then became difficult for the community to progress, schools and the local police station were closed down for good. After that it became the forgotten estate which did not look good for outsiders wanting to know more about the area.

The Hub

‘The Hub is a vibrant community centre at the heart of Lockleaze. Run by Lockleaze Neighbourhood Trust, as part of out commitment to the community the Hub hosts different community groups, runs activities, and hires out meeting rooms. We also rent out the other ground floor units to Boing! soft play and SR homecare.’

Suzanne Wilson from The Hub explained to us about the history of Lockleaze. The Hub was created so that it would help the community thrive in to something good.

The Vench

The Vench is the outdoor adventure play area that is located in Lockleaze. It was created for children around the area to come and express themselves and be free to let their creative minds wander. It seemed like a very happy and joyful place, for everyone but children in particular, to be free and and learn new things. The area is also well kept and maintained by the staff.

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