I began to research a few things on music, such as if it is implemented in children’s playgrounds enough or what type of instruments are used for outdoors. This way I can get a better idea on how I could expand my project.

I found this link very useful as it gave me information on how you can set up your own musical playground, it gives a step by step walkthrough on what to do for example, it talks about location, forming a team to help, funding and so on.

Although this website is American, I thought it was nice to see that people sell outdoor instruments so that communities can get equipment they may want for their local parks, it also focuses on the less abled children with disabilities mental or physical. Which shows that anyone can be creative and express themselves however they please.

I also found plenty of ideas on pinterest which shows how people can create cheap DIY instrument walks for toddlers, unique playgrounds for kids and other peoples ideas on what could make children’s playgrounds better.

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